Frequently asked questions and the answers

Shipping / exchange / refund

Typically, the processing period spans approximately 14 business days, with a potential extension of up to 20 business days. This duration is reflective of the meticulous craftsmanship involved in producing our predominantly customized, hand-crafted items. This signifies that the crafting process commences once your order has been verified.

Average shipping duration by country
United States: 5-7 business days
Canada/Australia/New Zealand: 7 business days
United Kingdom: 8-10 business days
Europe Countries: 7 business days

If your order arrives with an incorrect size, we are pleased to facilitate an exchange for the correct size. Kindly initiate this process by reaching out to us via our live chat or by contacting

Upon receipt of your order details and size correction confirmation, you may proceed to return the incorrectly sized item to us (with shipping costs covered by you). Following our receipt of the item, we will conduct a thorough assessment before promptly re-dispatching it to you (shipping fees waived) after rectifying the size discrepancy.

It is important to note that the comprehensive timeline for this exchange procedure may extend up to 20 business days. Additionally, subsequent to this exchange, refund eligibility is contingent solely upon instances where the received item exhibits inherent faults.

Given that a majority of our skilled artisans are based in South Korea, international shipping is a fundamental component of our operations. Consequently, the cost of international shipping has been thoughtfully incorporated into the pricing structure of our products. We have successfully served a substantial clientele hailing from diverse regions including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and various countries within Europe. The satisfaction of these valued customers underscores the excellence of our international delivery service.

A full refund of 100% is available in cases where the item itself is deemed faulty or if an error was made in processing your order. To initiate the refund procedure, kindly reach out to us via our live chat or contact within 14 days of receiving the item. Upon verification, we will promptly process a full reimbursement, with the amount returned in its entirety, within 15 business days from the date of receiving the returned item. However, please note that no refunds will be granted for change-of-mind requests pertaining to sale items.

In situations where the return is necessitated by our oversight or if the item is found to be damaged or defective, we will cover the associated return shipping expenses.

Lifetime Warranty

The aforementioned Manufacturer Warranty and Complimentary Services are exclusively applicable to the individual who made the acquisition of the covered product from ruvv. Any maintenance, repair, sizing adjustments, or other services conducted by parties other than ruvv will result in the forfeiture of your Manufacturer Warranty.

If you suspect that your jewelry is afflicted by a manufacturing defect, kindly reach out to our customer service team via live chat or by contacting to coordinate a jewelry assessment. In cases where a manufacturing defect is discernible, we will shoulder the expenses for any requisite repairs or replacements, as well as cover the shipping costs associated with returning the item to you.

Please be advised that labor costs and shipping charges will be applicable for any repair services rendered; however, it is noteworthy that our repair service is conducted with a non-profit motive for the benefit of our customers.

Moreover, we extend an annual, cost-covered offer for a jewelry ultrasonic cleaning and claw tightening service. Additional services such as polishing or rhodium plating will incur supplementary charges.

Our lifetime manufacturing warranty excludes any damage caused by general day-to-day activities and accidents that is out of our control.

  • Dents, knicks and scratches are inevitable and are not considered a defect
  • Discolouration due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs or bathing
  • Rings that have been damaged or misshapen as a result of “hands-on” activities, such as weight-lifting, rock climbing, gardening, DIY etc. This includes cases where damage results in loss of stones.
  • Prongs and precious metals, in general, wear over time and may require “building up” or restoration work as normal wear.
  • Bent, caught or worn out prongs(s) allowing a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.
  • Lost stone or a stone has fallen out due to chipping or breaking caused by normal wear or other damage.
  • Changing sizes and the colors.